Crossfire 250GT

The Crossfire 250 GT is a tough utility that is not bulky on size. At 125cm wide it will fit into the tight spaces and negotiate the narrow 50” trails. And most importantly it is not intimidating.

All this and still seating two adults in comfort with power to take you and the tray full anywhere on your property. The full size tray tilts so it’s easy to dump the load and reload.

An amazing alternative to ATVs with sizing not much larger but huge advantages in versatility and safety.

The Crossfire 250 GT is Fuel injected so hot or cold, high or low winter or summer it will start with ease. The EFI means also the 250GT is extremely savvy with fuel with most riders needing to fill up no more than once per week if used daily. If fully loaded and extra grunt is needed, the dual range transfer case with Low and High will come into its own.

Being a good handling light weight machine does not mean you will lose features! Crossfire 250GT is loaded with standard features that will shame many larger machines.

1. Winch is standard
2. Roof is Standard
3. Windscreen (2 pcs foldable) is standard
4. Aluminum wheels standard
5. Mirrors standard
6. Lighting (Halogen headlights, LED all other lights)
7. Dual Range Transfer case High/Low range



250GT Standard Features:


  • 250cc EFI Engine
  • Roof
  • Windscreen
  • Winch
  • Aluminium Wheels
  • Full Auto Dual Range
  • Tipper Tray
  • Tow Bar

Crossfire 400GT

The Crossfire 400GT UTV is a great tool to have at the farm or commercial property.

This compact UTV has 25 HP with on demand 4 wheel drive and comes standard with one of the best equipment packages available.


400GT Standard Features:

  • 25 HP engine with electronic fuel injection and liquid cooling
  • Automatic CVT shaft driven transmission
  • On demand 4WD with locking differential
  • Rugged 25 in. AT tires with hydraulic disk brakes
  • Compact design with comfortable bench seating
  • Tows up to 450KG (low Range)
  • All LED Lights: Low Beam & High Beam
  • Daytime Running Lights (DRLs)
  • Tilt Tray
  • Brush Bars


Crossfire 600GT

Powered by an efficient 500cc fuel injected engine producing 33 HP, the Crossfire 600GT has the grunt and pulling power to get daily tasks done with ease.

A unique feature to the Crossfire 600GT is dual locking differentials, both front and rear differentials can be controlled from the cabin. Often known as turf mode, the ability to keep rear differential open means you don’t tear up the lawns and the soil if you make tight turns. Turning circle is greatly improved and manoeuvrability in tighter spaces is unmatched. All while staying in the cabin with a push of a button.

The 600GT is also fitted with a dual range transfer case with the low range gearing providing better control when carrying heavy loads or towing.

The tray has 3 sides that can open and is one of the largest available on a Side By Side 4WD UTV. Measuring in at 1370 x 970mm the Crossfire 600GT tray gets the job done. Whether you need to carry a hay bale, a pallet or a sprayer, larger loads fit easily into the tray of the 600GT.

Trusted by Australians for 13 years, Crossfire is a brand you can rely on.


The 800GTS from Crossfire is the new more agile full size UTV.

The new model has engine braking, selectable 2WD and 4WD drive modes with a front diff lock, electronic power steering (EPS), independent suspension, ROPS roll cage, seat belts, large gas assisted tip tray, roof kit, winch, tow package and more.

The 650Kg tow capacity is price class leading as well as one of the larger cargo beds in the segment.

E1 Electric UTV

One of the world’s first true 4WD electric UTV vehicles. With low and high range and fully regenerative braking. The Crossfire E1 Electric UTV built for Australia.

The E1 is the easiest to use UTV as the power is effortless the brakes are regenerative so as you slow down the engine captures the power and recharges the batteries.

The onboard charger is simply a matter of plugging into the wall socket with a charge time of around 6 hours.

The 48 Volt 28 HP AC drive train is powerful enough to go over the toughest terrain without all the noise of a gas-powered engine. Nitrogen-Assisted Independent Suspension and Four-Wheel Hydraulic Brakes will keep you in full control. Built for stability and performance.

The E1 is the easiest to use UTV as the power is effortless the brakes are regenerative so as you slow down the engine captures the power and recharges the batteries.

The onboard charger is simply a matter of plugging into the wall socket with a charge time of around 6 hours.
It does not matter if you are in hospitality and need silence and ability to access all points in hotel without disturbing the guests or you are using the E1 to get around the shopping centre car park.

How about event managers getting around site. Or security companies needing all-terrain vehicles without disturbing the peace?
Now did we mentions the councils wanting to show environmental credentials while not losing the true nature of needing a reliable rugged Utility vehicle?

100% Electric
100% Torque off the line
100% No emissions during use
100% Quiet

E5 Electric UTV

The new level of affordability meets technology. The Crossfire E5 – Electric UTV Australia

Quiet and clean traffic, zero emissions and long range. These are the key benefits that give Crossfire E-5 UTV a wide range of uses – from maintenance of golf courses, parks and urban greenery through work in zoological and botanical gardens to unrestricted access to warehouses, factory halls, industrial premises and enclosed spaces. The Rear wheel drive E5 has a lockable rear differential for when maximum traction is required while you can unlock the rear differential (Turf Mode) for maximum maneuverability and being gentle on your lawns.

The Crossfire E-5 can handle everything that works hard. And there is no noise, no exhaust gases, and it is much less costly than UTV with the engine.

The Crossfire E-5 will surprise you with a low operating cost: it does not need gasoline, diesel or gas, no engine oil and filter changes, and it is as robust as any other UTV. The easy-to-use chassis ensures a safe and stable ride, the large tilting body can easily be converted into a spacious platform.

And then there’s the equipment: the Crossfire E5 features a full frontal windscreen, plastic roof, massive front frame, side door, head restraints and attractive cast aluminium wheels.