ALL NEW 2020 Crossfire Kanga 90

Crossfire Kanga generation 2 is the first major update in over 11 years for the Kanga range. It runs on regular unleaded without a need to mix oils . Its quiet and reliable with push button electric start.
Most importantly the new Kanga is lighter & better engineered. This is achieved through a revolutionised Single A arm design which reduces parts, making the new machine lighter and less complex to work on for the technicians. Also like all new Crossfires, all lights on the Kanga 90 are fully functional LED lights for both head and tail lights.
The fully automatic transmission makes riding easy and more fun.
90cc 4 stroke Electric start 6″ Wheels Enclosed foot boards LED lights

ALL NEW 2020 Kanga Trex 110

The all NEW Crossfire Trex 110 is small/medium youth ATV. Its one of our best looking quads and the first machine to utilise LED lighting and full time day time running lights (DRL).
Fully automatic transmission and electric start means easier for kids to jump on and off the machine without the need for kick starting.
The Trex has fully enclosed foot wells – so your little rider stays dryer and more protected than with just pegs alone.
The memory foam seat is both plush and grippy for hours of riding.
110cc 4 Stroke Automatic transmission Electric start Enclosed foot boards 7″ Wheels DRL Airbox

Crossfire Rover 125

The Crossfire Rover 125 is a midsized quad. The Rover 125 features independent front suspension with front and rear disc brakes unlike most drum brake machines on the market. The seat is well padded and comfortable meaning kids can ride longer in comfort.

The ATV is electric start an being 4 stroke will run on regular pump unleaded. The throttle limiter is located on the handle bar and is designed to limit how much the throttle can be depressed.

With 3 speed semi auto gears and reverse, this robust ATV has an impressive 125cc 4 stroke single cylinder petrol engine; this isn’t a quad which requires you to be gentle with.


Rover 125cc Standard Features:

Independent Front Suspension
Front and Rear Disc Brakes
Throttle Governor
Semi – Automatic Clutchless Chain
Forward and Reverse

Crossfire Mustang Evo 2

Crossfire Mustang Evo 2 2018 is a little more special.

Crossfire all new OHC engine with 30mm Mikuni carb is the basis for the power the Mustang develops. The main change is however not in the mechanical department it is in the chassis.

Chassis for 2018 has been reinforced, redesigned and enhanced. This has been done by reinforcing all mounting points where shock absorbers connect to frame and A-Arms as well as swing arm. This bracing stops metal fatigue and provides a stronger more rigid frame. The new 2018 is lighter yet stronger than the model it replaces. The chassis has been condensed to improve handling and give the Crossfire Mustang the stance and stability through corners.

The 2018 model benefits from the latest rims with deeper beads meaning tyres have less chance of rolling of the rims even under extreme riding.

The 2018 model is not an upgrade over the 2014 model Mustang but rather a once in 5 year evolution of our range.


Mustang Evo 2 Included Features:

250cc OHC Water Cooled

Mikuni Carbourettor

All round Disc brakes

Quick fit air filter

All New Reinforced chassis

Crossfire Mustang Evo 3

Evo3 is about synergy of the engine and chassis.

With more power and potentially even more if the carburettor size is upgraded Evo3 ATV start to build excitement.

2018 Mustang Evo 3 Quad Bike is a ground up blank sheet. With almost Zero carry over parts from the 2014 model.

2018 Model features the new low profile tyres to reduce centre of gravity wrapped around brushed aluminium, powder coated wheels are the highlight of this gorgeous looking ATV. They are precision cast and then finely machined to make for a work of art rather than wheels.

With power, handling and looks this machine is best suited to tight aggressive trails with power and handling to get you out of the stickiest situations. The suspension travel has increased 30% over 2014 model giving agility not seen before.

Keeping cool we have an oversized radiator with an automatic thermo fan that cuts in and out as to keep the machine at optimum temperature. This design has been upgraded for the 2018 model. With both a larger radiator and fan now with a one piece shroud that funnels the air more evenly through the radiator.

Hydraulic disc brakes all round are standard. The speedometer is one of the most comprehensive units fitted with: Speed, Odometer, Distance, Gear Position indicator, as well as LED for Neutral and Reverse. This gives the rider all required information at a touch of a finger tip. The automatic chain tensioner will ensure you ride days or week before adjusting of the chain is required. When one has to adjust the chain the ecliptic chain tensioning system guarantees the sprockets are in perfect alignment.

Under the seat some of the craftsmanship starts to become more apparent. With sealed battery box housing some of the vital electrics keeping it clean and water tight. The new battery is an AGM gel battery so no matter the abuse there are no leaks. Continuing under the seat is the large sealed air box with a quick release wing nut that holds the air filter. The foam filter is quick to access clean, re-oil and then reinsert.

The Crossfire Mustang EVO 3 Quad redefines Chinese ATVs. It took 10 years for Crossfire to redesign, reshape, retest and mostly rethink this model.

This is Crossfire Mustang Evo3 ATV.


Mustang Evo 3 Included Features:

4 VALVE, 250cc Zongshen Engine
Sealed Air Box
Waterproof electrical / battery box
Mikuni 30mm carburettor
Aluminium Wheels

Crossfire X2 200cc Quad

The Crossfire X2 atv is our newest member in the hobby farm arena. The machine will be great for the care taker and as an allrounder.

The X2 has a trailer hitch and will take most small garden trailers with ease.

Crossfire X2 quad bike is fully automatic with forward and reverse. The CVT gear box is seamless and constantly adjusting for power when needed and fuel economy when just moving about the land.

The 2018 variant features Hydraulic disc brakes both in front and rear. The digital display will keep speed and distance travelled in check as well telling you what gear the quad is in.



X2 Standard Features:

Front/Rear racks
Fully automatic F-N-R
Enclosed foot wells
Halogen/Led lighting
Tow Ball

Crossfire X400 400cc Quad

The X400 is fuel efficient thanks to the most advance Delphi EFi system that constantly works on maximising power, emissions and efficiency. Its also lighter weight when compared to our 500cc and 800cc machines while retaining a full size seat for a long day in the saddle.

The major advantage is the X400 is its 4WD drive and shaft driven all around. Shaft drives add durability and limit the maintenance’s to periodic inspections.

The standard winch and tow hitch add to the already versatile package.


X400 Standard Features:

Selectable 4×4

EFI 400cc

Winch 2500lb

Tow Hitch

HD 6 ply tyres

Crossfire Territory 500cc Quad

The Crossfire Territory 500cc ATV is a ground up new machine with a completely new engine EFI induction as well as a wider and bolder stand.

With many years of carburetion the Territory 500cc has made the leap to the smoothness and refinement of Fuel injection. In so no matter how cold the first start of the day or week. The Territory 500cc will fire up to life. The Fuel injection system will take care of everything as it monitors the temperature both of induction and exhaust to give refinement not seen in Crossfire mid size range.

Make no mistake this ATV is a workhorse with over size front and rear racks.
It has got some of the best loading capacities both for its carry ability and also for its tow ability (tow hitch is standard equipment).

You can depend on the Territory’s selectable 4X4 mechanism to give traction when the going gets tough or maximum traction is needed. With 4wd engaged steering may become harder although the 2018 sees the introduction of EPS Electric Power Steering . The power steering not only assists with turning but takes away a lot of the shock from bad roads and hits on the steering. It will make a day in the saddle that much easier. The CVT dual range gear box is one of the smoothest continuously variable gearboxes in class. With low, high range reverse and parking lock it is a fully featured selector.

Most importantly the Crossfire Territory quad bike will do it all in comfort with its Independent front and Rear suspension – your back will thank you for your choice at the end of the day.


Territory 500 Standard Features:

EPS Electric Power Steering

Electric Winch

500 EFI

12″ Aluminium Wheels

6 Ply Tyres

Selectable 4WD with Differential lock

Dual Range

Tow hitch

Ranger 600

The full-size Crossfire Ranger 600 comes equipped with EFI 4 stroke Engine and 4-Wheel drive giving you the ability to take on the toughest trails. The 600 is the most powerful quad in the Crossfire stable. The power for towing the torque for working and the smooth effortless feel that comes with this workhorse.

The Dual A-Arm Nitrogen Assisted Shocks give the Crossfire 600 a smooth unforgettable ride. The Ranger’s front and rear cargo racks and locale front differential and if all else fails a 2500LB Winch make it the right choice for your off-road adventure.

The fully automatic gear box with Low range and High range transfer case are standard.

Electric Power steering comes in handy in rough conditions acting as a damper against the bumps while providing assistance in the tight corners.