Quad Bike 101

Sep 4, 2021 | Blogs

Quad bikes are often referred to as “four-wheel motorbikes”. They have four low-pressure tyres and a seat, intended to be used by a single operator.

Quad Bike 101


History of Quad Bikes

Quad bikes originated in the UK by a British cycling company, the Royal Enfield. This was designed to replace horses and was known as “Quadricycle.” Since then, this vehicle has evolved and has been used for various purposes including farm work and recreational purposes.

Legal Recommendations for Quad Bike Riders

With the increasing popularity of quad bikes, the government has set rules and regulations to ensure the safety of its riders. For one, you should know that “to use a quad bike on the road riders must be at least 18 years old and hold a current driver’s licence (a learner’s permit is not sufficient). Quad bikes used on-road must also be registered, and an approved motorcycle helmet must be worn while riding.”

So if you are planning to give one to a child, be reminded of the age requirement set by the Government.

Safety Recommendations for Quad Bike Riders

For your safety, it is important to wear all the safety gears before riding a Quad Bike.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions when riding the quad bike and keep all of the safety barriers in place, as well as the accessories.

Maintain the quad bike’s mechanical condition while keeping a close eye on the load ratings. Check all of these things before taking your quad bike for a ride.

You should also note that traveling up or down steep inclines should be avoided. Riding in terrain that is beyond your riding abilities is not recommended, especially if it is your first time to ride one.

Safety Recommendations When Choosing Terrains

As much as possible, choose to ride only on known tracks. Take into consideration the following factors:

  • Drains and obstacles
  • Weather
  • Surface

Be extra cautious when riding on bitumen roads because the smoothness of the road might make it difficult for you to maintain control. As for uneven terrain, know that abrupt movements may easily disrupt the balance of your quad bike.

Buying Tips When Choosing a Quad Bike

Consider these three important things when buying a quad bike, maybe it be new or imported.

1. Hang tag

Look for a rectangular hang tag with a yellow border when buying a quad bike. This is a warranty that the Quad Bike has passed the stability test result.

Quad Bike Safety Tag

Look at the number on the tag. The higher the number, the more stable it is.

Also included in the tag are the minimum angle at which the quad bike tipped sideways onto two wheels when it was tested. For any questions you may have, ask your dealer about it.

2. Rollover warning label

Another factor you should look at is the quad bike warning label. It can be seen on the actual quad bike itself. This shows the degree of rollover risk of the vehicle when running on a flat terrain.

Knowing this will help you know the limitations of your quad bike. It will alarm you not to go into steep inclines, slopes or perform sharp turns. So take time to read this.

3. Quad Bike Manual

The manual given to you to know more about your bike is very important. Take some time and read through it. It will contain ways on how you can remain safe while riding on it.

Strictly observe the manufacturers safety warnings and recommended use to ensure your safety while on the road.