MX Safety Gear and the Importance of Wearing Quality Helmets

Dec 4, 2020 | Blogs

When riding a motorcycle, may it be for racing or just a short ride, your safety should be on top of your mind. That’s why wearing a quality helmet is important.


But, what does a helmet really do?

How can it save or protect a rider’s life?

Are you aware of how important it is to wear, not just a helmet, but a quality helmet?


MX Safety Gear and the Importance of Wearing Quality Helmets


If you haven’t, then let us bring you a deeper understanding of the importance of wearing quality helmets through this article. We’ll also share with you the proper MX safety gear that a rider should also have, especially motocross racers.


This can also still be a good recap for riders who are familiar with the importance of wearing quality helmets. Let’s keep reading!


Importance of wearing a quality helmet


Often, some riders spend money on expensive gear and just settle for a simple helmet. While some choose helmets because of the way it looks and not because it provides the right protection. Unfortunately, this misjudgment results in many people dying due to head injuries in motor-related accidents.


Just how many?


The WHO International reports nearly 1.2 million deaths related to motorcycles, and most of them are not wearing quality helmets.


How does a quality helmet protect a rider?


To understand the purpose of a helmet, you must be aware of the possible head injuries you can get from not wearing one.


Skull fracture is one of the head injuries that typically happens to riders not wearing a proper helmet. It’s not life-threatening because it can heal over time. But if the skull fracture is depressed and impinges the brain, then that’s a serious case.


Brain injuries that may result in death, personality change, neurological issues, and permanent disability are the scariest result of motorcycle accidents. Damages on the neurological tissues are hard and slow to recover compared to bone fractures.


Therefore, helmets are protection for traumatic brain injuries, skull fractures, and skin bruises. That’s why you should always wear helmets, even if it’s a quick ride to a store.


What are the features of a quality?


Think of the quality of the helmet as your investment and insurance for your life. So, would you bet your life’s safety on a low-class helmet? No, right?


Modern quality helmets must have the following 4 key components:


  • Hard outer shell: This helps prevent sharp objects and debris from puncturing the head up to the skull. This part is important because foams have no resistance from abrasion and penetration of sharp objects.


  • Retention straps: This holds the helmet firmly in the head and prevents it from rotating or wiggling.


  • Inner foam padding: This component helps the head to gently decelerate and sink into it during an accident. Typically, it’s no more than 2.5 to 5 centimetres thick.


  • EPS (Expanded polystyrene foam) liner: This absorbs the impacts and slows down the movement of the head.


When you choose a helmet, it’ll be best to pick one that fits you perfectly. It must not be too loose or else it might fail in protecting you. It also shouldn’t be too tight as it will be uncomfortable and disturbing for you while you’re driving.


How do you know if it’s a quality helmet?


To know if the helmet is made out of quality, it must have the following:


  • It must pass the AS/NS Standard 1698:2006 Protective Helmets for vehicle users
  • Must have a UNECE22.05 approval mark
  • Brand new
  • Fits your head perfectly in a comfortable manner


What are the MX safety gear?


Helmets are not sufficient. Too better protect you during accidents, you should also wear the following MX Safety gear:


  • MX goggles: This can shut out dust and debris from getting into the eyes while driving.


  • MX neck braces: This is also an important gear like the helmet. It can protect the neck from high impact movements in a crash event.


  • Hand gloves: Gloves can help you get a good grip of the handlebars. It can also protect your hands from cuts and scratches.


  • Body armour: Body armours includes chest, back, shoulders, and arm protector.


  • MX knee braces: This protects you from dirt, debris, and impact should you have an accident.


  • Motocross boots: Boots are important, especially if you’re a motocross rider or racer. It gives you superior protection against debris, sharp objects, and impacts. It also provides support in preventing lower leg and ankle injuries.


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