ALL NEW 2020 Crossfire Kanga 90



Crossfire Kanga generation 2 is the first major update in over 11 years for the Kanga range. It runs on regular unleaded without a need to mix oils . Its quiet and reliable with push button electric start.
Most importantly the new Kanga is lighter & better engineered. This is achieved through a revolutionised Single A arm design which reduces parts, making the new machine lighter and less complex to work on for the technicians. Also like all new Crossfires, all lights on the Kanga 90 are fully functional LED lights for both head and tail lights.
The fully automatic transmission makes riding easy and more fun.
90cc 4 stroke Electric start 6" Wheels Enclosed foot boards LED lights
Available in Green or White. Fully assembled, pre-delivered and ready for immediate use. 12 month warranty.
Interest free finance is available. Ask staff for details.


Engine LC14FMD
Clutch Type Wet multichip
Measured Flow Capacity 88ml
Rated Load Quality 45kg
Carburetor PZ19
Compression Ratio 8.8:1
Cylinder Diameter x Stroke 47 x 41.4mm
Transmission Chain Transmission
Ignition CDI
Starter Electric
Gearshift Fully Automatic
Max Power / Relative Speed 4 kW /8000r/min
Max Torque / Relative Speed 5.6 N.m/5500~6000r/min
Suspension / Brakes / Tyres
Suspension Front Single Rocker Independent Suspension
Suspension Rear Single Rocker Independent Suspension
Shock Absorber Front 270mm
Shock Absorber Rear 250mm
Brakes Front Drum Brake
Brakes Rear Disc Brake
Tyres Front Size and Spacing 15*5.6-6, 600mm
Tyres Rear Size and Tread 15*5.6-6, 600mm
Seat Height 570mm
Chassis Height 140mm
Handle Height 780mm
Minimum Turning Diameter 2500±1200 mm
Braking Manipulation (Front/Rear) Front and rear handbrake
Net Weight 69kg
Minimum Ground Clearance 50mm
Wheelbase 830±20mm
Max Speed 60km/h
Vehicle Size 1180 x 755 x 805
Battery 12V
Fuel Grade 90# or above
Fuel Capacity 2.5L
Lubrication Mode Pressure and Splash Mixed Lubrication
Lubrication Oil Brand 15W/40-SE(SUMMER) 10W/30-SF(WINTER)


ALL NEW 2020 Kanga Trex 110



The all NEW Crossfire Trex 110 is small/medium youth ATV. Its one of our best looking quads and the first machine to utilise LED lighting and full time day time running lights (DRL).
Fully automatic transmission and electric start means easier for kids to jump on and off the machine without the need for kick starting.
The Trex has fully enclosed foot wells - so your little rider stays dryer and more protected than with just pegs alone.
The memory foam seat is both plush and grippy for hours of riding.
110cc 4 Stroke Automatic transmission Electric start Enclosed foot boards 7" Wheels DRL Airbox
3 different colours available. Fully assembled, pre-delivered and ready for immediate use! 12 month warranty!
Interest free finance available - ask staff for details.



Engine 152FMH
Clutch Type Wet multichip + automatic centrifugal
Measured Flow Capacity 107ml
Rated Load Quality 60kg
Carburetor Plunger PZ19
Compression Ratio 9.1:1
Cylinder Diameter x Stroke 52.4 x 49.5 mm
Transmission Chain Drive
Ignition CDI
Starter Electric
Gearshift Fully Automatic
Max Power / Relative Speed 5.0/7500kW (r/min)
Max Torque / Relative Speed 7.5/5500N.m (r/min)
Suspension / Brakes / Tyres
Suspension Front Single Rocker Independent Suspension
Suspension Rear Single Longitudinal Arm Independent Suspension
Shock Absorber Front 185mm
Shock Absorber Rear 260mm
Brakes Front Drum Brake
Brakes Rear Disc Brake
Tyres Front Size and Spacing 16*8.00-7, 630mm
Tyres Rear Size and Tread 16*8.00-7, 580mm
Seat Height 620mm
Chassis Height 150mm
Handle Height 820mm
Minimum Turning Diameter 2800mm
Braking Manipulation (Front/Rear) Front and rear handbrake
Net Weight 90kg
Minimum Ground Clearance 95mm
Wheelbase 850mm
Max Speed 45km/h
Vehicle Size 1260 x 820 x 855 mm
Battery 12V, 5AH
Fuel Grade 90# or above
Fuel Capacity 5L
Lubrication Mode Pressure and Splash Mixed Lubrication
Lubrication Oil Brand 15W/40-SE (-10-40 C) HQB-10 (<-10 C)



Kanga 110  - ONLY 1 LEFT!


A small youth quad. The Crossfire Kanga is avaible in 2 configurations. The Kanga 90cc with 6” wheels or the Kanga 110cc with 7”wheels. The bodies are the same so it’s a matter of a bit more power and larger wheels.

The Kanga range is electric start fully automatic. Similar to a go kart squeeze gas to go and brakes to stop simple as that. The throttle assembly can limit how much you can squeeze the throttle so as not be so aggressive for novice riders.

The fully working halogen headlight and led tail light provide a bit of extra safety during poor lighting conditions. Although we recommend the Kanga to be ridden in Daylight hours only.

A huge advantage is that the kanga is a 4-stroke quad bike it runs on normal unleaded and does not require mixing petrol with oil.

As this is beginner quad we recommend training prior to riding. As well as fully enclosed motocross helmet ,body armour and boots. 


Kanga 110 Standard Features:

Full Auto

110cc 4 Stroke

7” wheels

Electric Start

Enclosed Foot boards





Engine 4 Stroke, Air cooled
Carburettor PZ19
Displacement 110cc
Bore and Stroke 52.4mm x 49.5mm
Compression Ratio 8.8:1
Transmission Chain Transmission
Ignition CDI
Starter Electric
Gearshift Fully Automatic
Max Speed 48km/h
Max Power 5.5KW/7500rpm


Suspension / Brakes / Tyres

Suspension Front Double Swing Arm
Suspension Rear Single Swing Arm
Shock Absorber Front Double, Oil dampers
Shock Absorber Rear Single, Oil dampers
Brakes Front Drum Brake
Brakes Rear Disc Brake
Tyres Front 16/8-7”
Tyres Rear 16/8-7”



Seat Height 61cm
Net Weight 80kg
Ground Clearance 105mm
Wheelbase 83cm
Wheel Track 61cm
Overall Size Length 130cm x Height: 86cm x Width: 77cmm
Battery 12V / 6.5Ah
Fuel Unleaded
Fuel Capacity 3.4L


Available in Red, Blue, Black and Pink. 12 Months warranty. T's & C's apply.





The Crossfire CF50 was engineered ground up with weight, height and handling in mind. For our smallest riders we have used the lightest materials. These include aluminium wheels and hubs, aluminium engine case and cylinder head and forged triple clamps and risers.

We were aiming for the lightest 4 stroke bike we can make. The result was a 46kg dry weight. This means the bike will be easier to handle easier to load and most importantly more manageable for the little champs riding them.

The centre mount battery for the electric start system is in the middle of the bike keeping weight distribution to closer to 50:50 more importantly starting the bike is just a matter of pushing the e-start button.

The bike has a throttle limiter on the twist throttle. Although the bike will eventually accelerate to speed any way it stops the kids ability to pin the throttle all the way. It’s a fantastic aid we recommend this setup done by your authorised dealer.

We optioned the more powerful Hydraulic disc brakes as opposed to cable set up to increase power and reduce the force that’s needs by the kids to squeeze. Training wheels also available. 




Engine Displacement 50cc
Engine Type Horizontal, single cylinder, 4-stroke, air cooling, full automatic
Bore & Stroke 44mm x 37.4mm
Compression Ratio 8.5:1
Power Max. 5Hp/7500r/min
Torque Max. ≥3.0N.m/4500r/min
Fuel Consumption ≤450g/KW.H
Starting Mode Electric start
Clutch Mode Wet, multi-plate, constant mesh
Gearshift Mode Full automatic
Ignition Method CDI
Carburetor PZ14Q
Sprocket Ratio 420Pitch -10T Front 43 Rear
Handle Bar Steel
Triple Clamp Forged Alu
Frame Backbone Type
Swing Arm Square Steel Tube


Suspension / Brakes / Tyres

Front Fork 39/42- 550 mm
Suspension Rear 240 mm, Recovery Damping Non-Adjustable
Brakes Front Disc, Front: 190 mm
Brakes Rear Disc, Rront: 190 mm
Wheel Front Steel Rim, Front:1.6-10
Rear Wheel Steel Rim, Rear:1.6-10
Tyre Front Deep Tooth, Front: 2.5-10
Tyre Rear Deep Tooth, Rear:2.5-10



Package Dimensions 1200 x 360 x 630 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 3L
Seat Height 560 mm
Wheelbase 920 mm
Clearance 170 mm
Product Dimensions 1290 x 680 x 840mm
N.W. 46kg

Available in Blue, Green, Red and White 

 Includes 12 month warranty. T's & C's apply. 





A brilliant child’s motorbike. How can we justify this comment? The answer is simple – quality frame, class leading Lifan power plant, oil dampened suspension and knobby tires that will keep your kids sure-footed. The 2019 model sees an introduction of Hydraulic disk brakes for the front and rear as they prove to be superior in every respect than the drum brakes they replace. The bike uses a step through gear box meaning the kids need not worry about the clutch and stalling.


Engine 70cc 4-stroke 1-cylinder
Bore x Stroke 57mm x 42mm
Gearbox / Transmission Semi automatic 4 speed 0-1-2-3-4
Transmission Chain Drive Gear Ratio Front Sprocket: 420-14T
Rear Sprocket: 420-37T
Clutch Wet, Multi-Disc, Semi-Auto
Throttle Hand-twist Controlled
Starter Kick-start and Electric start
Max Load 65kg
Max Speed 55km/h
Final Drive Chain: 420 – 78L
Suspension / Brakes / Tyres
Brakes Front Hydraulic Disc Brakes (Twin piston)
Brakes Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes (Twin piston)
Wheel Front 10″ 2.5-10
Rear Wheel 10″ 2.5-10
Wheelbase 914mm (36″)
Ground Clearance 147mm (5.8″)
Seat Height 61 cm
Tank Capacity 2.64litres
GW / NW 66kg / 57kg
Optional Features
Training Wheels



 200cc Billycarts



6.5HP Single Cylinder, Air Cooled, 4 Stroke



Starting System

Recoil Start

Drive System

Chain Drive Solid Axle


Swingarm Suspension

Clutch Type

Centrifugal Dry


6” Pneumatic Knobbly


Rear Hydraulic Brake

Fuel Capacity


Fuel Type


Max Speed





Red, Blue, Black, Yellow


12 Months



Crossfire Go-Kart 100

Go-Kart 100 Included Features:

1 Seater

Safety Belts

100cc 4 Stroke Engine

Roll Bar



Engine Type 98cc, Air-cooled, Single Cylinder 3Hp
Max Power 1.8kw / 3600rpm
Max Torque 5N.m / 3200rpm
Bore / Stroke 56mm × 40mm
Compression Ratio 8.5 : 1
Ignition T.C.I
Drive Chain Drive
Starter Recoil Cord
Transmission Fully Automatic CVT Transmission



Maximum Rider Weight 60kg
Brakes System Disc brake (Rear Only)
Braking Torque >350 N·m
Tyres Front 13 x 5.0-6
Tyres Rear 13 x 5.0-6



Tank Capacity 1.6L
Overall Size 1600mm x 840mm x 1220mm
Max Speed 25km/h
Wheel Base 700mm(Front) / 710mm(Rear)
Dry Weight 82kg



Crossfire Blazer 200R Go-kart 


Get ready to hit the trails in the Crossfire BLAZER 200R

This amazing mid-size go-kart is great youth riders and will allow you to kick up some dirt at a max speed of 45 km/h. The TrailMaster Blazer 200 is great for one or two riders and can hold up to 130 Kg total, so you’re more than welcome to take a friend along for the ride. The go-kart features a 4-stroke single cylinder air cooled engine, adjustable driver’s seat, parking brake, and heavy-duty shock absorbers.

If that isn’t enough for you then you’ll be pleased to know that LED headlights are factory fitted. There’s not a whole lot that can get much better for go-kart fans, but if you really want to go there you should probably know that this go-kart actually has a larger tank than many other models. You can fill her up with 6L, which should provide you with a fun filled day no matter what terrain you’re in.

There’s plenty of safety features like the hydraulic brakes, multipoint harness although helmet must be worn when riding.


EPA certificated
Engine 4-stroke, single cylinder, air cooled
Displacement 200cc
Max HP 6.3hp/3600rpm
Max Torque 9.6lb ft/2500rpm
Bore x Stroke 66mm x 53.5mm
Max Speed 45 km/h
Climbing Ability 12 degrees
Ignition C.D.I
Starting System Electric / Pull Backup
Battery 12V 9Ah
Carburettor Brand JF (RX)
Engine Oil SG15W-40
General information
Clutch Automatic CTV
Driveline / Driving Wheel Chain / Dual wheel drive
Suspension Front / Rear Double A-arm / Swing-arm (Double Oil Damped Shock)
Brakes Front / Rear No / Hydraulic brake, Disc
Tyres Front 16 x 6-8
Tyres Rear 16 x 7-8
Fuel Capacity 6L
Weight N.W. 150 Kg
Max Load 130 Kg
Wheelbase 1230mm
Overall Size 1700 x 1100 x 1300mm
Height to Seat 260mm
Min Ground Clearance 75mm


We also have a large range of Boots, Protective gear, Helmets, Clothing and goggles.
Colours will depend on stock availability. Check with us to see if we have the colour you'd like!

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