Importance of Maintenance for Your ATV and Dirt Bikes

Feb 4, 2021 | Blogs

ATV and dirt bikes are powerful vehicles. These are specifically built for rolling on rough, rocky, sandy, and long terrains. However, this also means frequent maintenance to ensure it is in its best condition.




Here are some of the reasons.


Importance of Maintenance for Your ATV and Dirt Bikes


It extends your ATV and dirt bike’s life

The last thing you want to experience while on the road is for your bike to break down. So, sticking to your bike’s maintenance schedule is important. It’ll help you see and prevent potential problems in the engine, gears, wheels, and tyres.

Regular ATV and dirt bike maintenance can keep various bike problems at bay.  It also reduces possibilities of early wear and tear of your bike’s engine and parts. As a result, your vehicle’s life will be extended.


It gives your ATV and dirt bike a better resale value

A well-maintained ATV and dirt bike have better resale value because its performance is always at its best. So, just in case you have plans of selling your bike, regularly servicing it will be a great benefit in ensuring it is in its top shape.


It tops-up your ATV and dirt bike’s performance

Running your ATV or dirt bike on sandy and rocky terrains can clog its air filter. This will hinder the air from getting into the combustion chamber and drop your bike’s performance, just like running to a race with a clogged nose.

Leaving wet mud and dirt on your ATV or dirt bike overnight will make cleaning it harder. This can increase the wearing of the bike’s parts. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining your bike after use will top-up its performance.


It increases your safety while on the road

Another importance of bike maintenance for your ATV and dirt bike is it increases your safety while on the road.

Regularly servicing your bike reduces the possibilities of breakdowns, especially when you’re riding it on a rough terrain. If one part of your bike fails, it’ll affect the overall performance. By performing regular maintenance on your bike, you can limit tendencies of breakdowns that may put you in danger.


It reduces expensive repair cost

A regularly maintained bike has lesser tendencies of breakdown which will help you save more money. Through regular servicing, potential parts that may fail can be easily detected and repaired; so, it won’t have to affect your bike’s whole system.


Routine inspection checklist

Now that you know the importance of bike maintenance for your ATV and dirt bike, you may use the routine inspection checklist below for maintaining your bike at home.


What to do after a long ride with your ATV and Dirt Bike?

After coming back from a ride, particularly from a long, rough drive, the following are the things you need to inspect in your ATV or dirt bike.


  • Hydraulic clutch fluids
  • Brake fluids
  • Coolant
  • tyres
  • Oil
  • Fork oil
  • Transmission oil
  • Chain


These are the parts and properties of your bike that need immediate attention after a ride. Your bike’s fluids and oil can deplete from a long ride and may need replenishment. The bike’s tire may be covered with dirt and mud, therefore, you need to wash it once you get home. Its air pressure may have also decreased and needed additional air.


Quick recap…

Just a quick recap. Bike maintenance for your ATV and dirt bike is not just to keep your bike in its top shape, but it’s also for protecting you and keeping you safe from dangers of riding an ATV and dirt bikes.


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