Essential MX & Dirt Bike Gear You Should Know About

Apr 4, 2021 | Blogs

Riding a dirt bike is an exciting sport, but it also poses a lot of risks. Dirt bike accidents can be very dangerous or even deadly. Thus, it is advisable to wear protective gear when hitting the trails.

Essential MX & Dirt Bike Gear You Should Know About


If you are new to the sport or have a loved one who is, you must know the essential safety gear. Here we listed the protective gear that must be worn when riding dirt bikes from head to toe.


Full-face Helmet

Most of the fatal accidents in motorcycle riders account for the head, brain, and neck injuries. As it covers the head, which is your most sensitive organ, a helmet is the most vital protection. Many countries, including Australia, have mandated the wearing of a helmet for motorcycle riders for many years.


Full-face Helmet - Essential MX & Dirt Bike Gear You Should Know About


Dirt bike helmets are supposed to be full-faced with a jaw shield. A full-face helmet can provide better protection than other types of helmets. As many parts of the head are at risk during road accidents, it’s fitting to have full coverage when hitting the trails.



It is also a must to have goggles along with a helmet, as they can help you see the road better. Dirt bike goggles provide eye protection from foreign debris, bugs, branches and rainfall.


Chest and Shoulder Brace

A broken rib is also a common injury during off-road accidents. The chest and shoulder are often the first to come in contact with the ground during a fall. Thus, they typically carry your body weight during accidents causing a bone fracture. So to reduce any damage to your shoulders and chest, a chest and shoulder brace must always be worn.


MX jersey

When hitting the trails, you should keep in mind that your arms can have abrasions from branches. Getting a painful cut can lose your grip on your bike handle which may cause a further accident. Your arms and back are also exposed to the sun while riding a dirt bike. Not wearing the proper jersey will get you sunburnt.

MX jersey - Essential MX & Dirt Bike Gear You Should Know About


A dirt bike jersey is designed to cover your back, neck, and arms from the sun’s heat and other protruding debris along the track.


MX pants

If you are riding motocross with a normal shirt and jeans, you’re putting yourself in danger. Dirt bike pants are important as they offer the optimum comfort and freedom of mobility. They are also built to endure the rough terrains that jeans couldn’t protect you from.

MX pants - Essential MX & Dirt Bike Gear You Should Know About


Elbow and Knee Guards

Knee and elbow injuries are very common during dirt bike accidents. Riding dirt bikes without elbow and knee guards can earn you a few scrapes at best and dislocated joints at worse. These injuries can be avoided with proper protective gear which is why they are a must-have for any rider.


MX boots

As much as the head, the lower extremities are susceptible to serious injuries as well. Since your lower limbs straddle the dirt bike, they are prone to get crushed underneath the bike during accidents.

MX boots - Essential MX & Dirt Bike Gear You Should Know About


MX boots provide great protection without restricting comfort. They provide coverage from the lower legs down to your feet and ankles. MX boots can help lessen the injuries when the bike crashes.



That’s about all the essential dirt bike gear you should wear before going for a ride. Riding a dirt bike is fun, however, as an old saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. It is still advisable to take precautions when doing your favourite sport.

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