Dirtbikes – a COVID-safe family sport

Feb 4, 2022 | Blogs

With the realisation that COVID is here to stay, many people are looking for activities the whole family can enjoy together without needing to necessarily be too close to crowds of people, and for lots of families dirtbikes and quads have been the answer!

You must be thinking “Dirt bikes and quads? That’s a dangerous and expensive sport that I don’t want my kids doing!”. But did you know that it is actually one of the safest sports out there?! If done correctly, dirt biking can be a great family activity where everyone can participate for the following reasons:


Dirtbikes – a COVID-safe family sport


It’s an amazing social sport

Off road riding is an amazing social sport with a great community of like minded families enjoying trail riding, MX and enduro, while still easily remaining socially-distanced.

It’s not just about the thrill of getting on your bike and riding off into the sunset, it’s also about meeting new people with similar interests. You can’t ride by yourself – you need someone to share your passion with. This makes dirt bike, quad or UTV riders some of the most friendly people around because they’re always up for making new friends.


It’s fun and exciting, especially when spent with family and friends.

Many families are finding they are enjoying time away camping and loading up the bikes to take with them just adds another level of excitement, enjoyment and fun to their experience.

It’s one of those sports that is so fun and different from any other sport out there. There are the trails to ride on, but also all kinds of obstacles to go over or around. This gives dirt bike, quad or UTV riders amazing experiences because it allows them to explore new territory with their buddies while building memories that will last forever.

So, whether you’re exploring with your friends or meeting new people at the race track, there’s never a dull moment when you’re riding off road.


It’s a thrilling way to explore new places.

Day trips are just as popular, and there are lots of places to ride within a few hours drive of Toowoomba, or just tear around the acreage backyard or the grandparents’ property. It is an amazing way to explore new places, learn about the environment and get some exercise. The thrill of negotiating obstacles like rocks, sand dunes or hills can make you feel like a true adventurer. And if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in rarefied air with views that stretch miles into the distance all around you, it’s easy to see why dirt bike, quad or UTV riding has become so popular.


It’s time to try  dirt bike, quad or UTV this 2022

One of the most positive things to come from this time of such uncertainty has been the prioritisation of family, of spending time together and enjoying life together, and Dirtbike quad or UTV riding has proven to be a perfect way to do just that. Plus, the adrenaline rush that comes with conquering an obstacle and getting out of a tough spot, or even just cruising down a trail in solitude, that appeals to many people.


Try it this 2022.