Benefits of Dirt Bike Riding | A Covid Safe Family Sport

Jan 4, 2021 | Blogs

With the realisation that Covid is here to stay for a longer time, many people, especially families, are looking for activities they can all enjoy without the need to be in crowded places. We’re all aware of how the deadly virus is transmitted, therefore, sports like basketball, soccer, and others alike is not recommended.


For this reason, dirt bikes and quad bike riding has been the answer.


Benefits of Dirt Bike Riding A Covid Safe Family Sport


Haven’t tried it yet?


Then let us show you the various benefits of dirt bike riding and why it’s a covid-safe family sport. Let’s keep on!


Dirt bike riding for beginners


Off-road riding is an amazing sport with a great community of like-minded families who also enjoy trail-riding, MX, and enduro. It’s a great alternative to strengthen the body, sharpen dexterity, and grow mental acuity while easily remaining socially-distanced.


To avoid situations such as, starting a sport for your kids then suddenly stop just to keep them safe from the virus, which perhaps the last thing you’d want to do, below are the things you’d need to know about dirt bike riding.


Finding the right dirt bike for you and your kids


For dirt bike riding beginners, let us break down to you the things you need to consider in choosing the right dirt bike; For you and your kids.


In determining the right bike for you and your family, make sure you’re aware of the purpose it’ll serve you. See to it if it will be for motocross or trail riding.


Why? Because there’s a specific type of bike for different terrains. Read here and learn the difference between motocross riding and trail riding.


Engine Size

For beginners in dirt bike riding, it’s recommended to start with lightweight bikes with lesser power. 50cc is the smallest engine size you can get for kids under age 7 and 200cc and above for adults. Lightweight bikes with less power will be easier to control with fair linear power performance.


Engine type

Dirt bikes have 2 engine types: Four-stroke and Two-stroke.

A four-stroke engine type can deliver power every two rotations on its crankshaft, which is good for smooth acceleration. While a two-stroke engine type delivers power on every rotation on the crankshaft, which gives a higher power over the ratio of its weight. This makes it harder to control, especially for beginners.

For this reason, a four-stroke engine type is more recommended for dirt bike riding beginners who don’t have enough practice in controlling dirt bikes.


Starter system

The starter system of bikes has two classifications: kick start and an electric start (a.k.a push start).

An electric starter system will start up the bike’s engine with just a push on the button. On the other hand, a kick start system needs a kick on the pedal to start the engine. This makes an electric starter system better for children.


Wheel size

Dirt bikes’ wheels often come in big and small wheels. Both types of wheels feature different sizes of the front and rear wheels. Usually, for the big type of wheels, the front wheel is 19 inches while the rear wheel is 16 inches. For the small type of wheels, the front wheel is 17 inches and the rear wheel is 14 inches.

Big wheels are heavy wheel types that provide stability even when run in bumps. On the other hand, small wheels are lighter and nimble that makes turning easier.



Dirt bikes can either have automatic or manual clutch transmission. Typically, for beginners in dirt bike riding, it’s recommended to use an automatic transmission. This way, you and your kids can learn how to control, balance, and steer the bike without worrying about changing gears.

After some time of practising, you may move up to bikes with manual transmission to learn how to use bikes with the gears.


Seat height

The seat height of the right dirt bike will depend on the height of the rider once seated on it. The rider must be able to easily reach the ground with both feet while positioned on the bike. Therefore, to get the right bike for you and your kid, you must try sitting on the bike you’re choosing.


Choosing the right safety gear

In dirt bike riding, aside from choosing the right bike, you must also choose the right safety gear to use. This will be your and your family’s protection against unexpected falls during your ride.

Read the MX safety gear and the importance of wearing quality helmets blog. <Add Link of December 2020 Blog of Odes here> There you’ll learn the different safety gear you need to provide in dirt bike riding.


These are the basic things you need to consider to ensure you’ll get the right dirt bike for this sport. If you’re having a hard time picking the correct bike, it’ll be best to ask a professional to assist you.


Why dirt bike riding for the family?


Dirt biking with the family has many benefits including:


Sharing family time

Through dirt bike riding, you and your family can share a quality time. Your family can do this sport altogether with no one being left on the bench. You just need to get the right dirt bike for each family member.


Let Ode’s help you.


Teaches sportsmanship and other values

Taking dirt bike riding as a family sport gives you a chance to teach your kids good sportsmanship, which they can use not just in sport but also in life.

You can also relay important life lessons to your kids that they’ll take with them until they grow up such as not easily giving up, trying hard, and always doing their best.


Get them away from radiation

With dirt bike riding, you have a good reason to go out of the house and be away from gadgets. Choose from various places to enjoy dirt biking while you enjoy the beauty of the wilderness.  You can even explore the acreage backyard or the farm of your parents, so they can spend time with their grandma and grandpa, too.


Building a lifetime passion

Dirt bike riding is not an easy sport. Figuring the right and effective way to ride a bike can be overwhelming, especially for kids. But, if you’re riding with them, you can help correct their mistakes and offer suggestions and advice.

This will be your great opportunity to create a strong bond with them. In that way, you’re kids will most likely continue to dirt bike riding and have a lifetime passion through this.


Are you ready to try dirt bike riding with the family?


Many families are already enjoying their time away loading up their bikes to unique places in Toowoomba. Do the same to add another level of excitement, enjoyment and fun for the family this 2021.


Come and let us help you in getting the right dirt bike and safety gear for you and your family!

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