Things to Consider When Buying a Quad Bike and ATV for Your Children

May 4, 2021 | Blogs

We all want to provide our children with fun opportunities for hands-on learning. What’s better than to see them happy while developing essential skills through interactive recreational activities? Does your little one aim to be a motocross racer when he grows up? Giving him the independence to own and ride an ATV teaches him to practice precaution while enjoying his favourite activity.

Things to Consider When Buying a Quad Bike and ATV for Your Children

However, we also want to ensure that our children are far from getting hurt and the quad bike seems the opposite. It is normal to worry over your child’s safety when he plays with ATV. That’s why we put together the following tips to consider before buying your child an ATV of his own.


Consider small engine ATVs

The size of an ATV engine plays an important role in enabling children from riding at a safe speed. A small engine with a range of 50-110 cc will be enough for a kid’s quad bike. Without too much power, it would allow your child to hit the terrain without the perils of speeding.

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The motor size range of 125 cc to 250 cc suits older teenagers and adults. It is specifically suited for teenagers who will have their first try on ATV. Larger motors, with engine size from 250 cc and up are for young adults who have had an experience riding an ATV in their younger years. These large engine bikes will get them the feel of real quad bikes for adults.

It is better to ask your ATV supplier for a small engine ATV to ensure that your child will be safe while riding the bike. There are lots of small engine ATVs nowadays specially designed for children.


Use some rule of thumb

According to the ATV Safety Institute, there should be no less than 7.6 cm clearance between the child’s pants and the ATV seat while the child is standing. This measure proves that your child can operate the bike with ease. It is also advisable to check if your child can reach the control grip without difficulty to ensure that he can drive the bike safely.


Get a package with full essential gear

Some ATV for kids comes with the essential safety gear. It is wise to invest in such a package than to buy the safety gears part by part. It will not only save you money but will also ensure that the essential gears your child will need while riding a quad bike are complete.


See if your child is emotionally ready

Riding a quad bike requires maturity. With a child’s playful antics, he can be placed in serious danger while riding an ATV. Of all the people, we as parents know our children the most. If you think that your child is still immature, it is better to hone his emotional skill first before buying an ATV.


Your Ability to Supervise

Another thing to consider before buying your child his first quad bike is that you can provide the necessary supervision. No matter how safe and child-friendly the ATV is, you still need to watch over your child while he hit the trails.  

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