Best Places to Go Dirt Biking in Queensland

Nov 4, 2021 | Blogs

Here is a list of legal riding parks and tracks in Queensland. Some have camping facilities and are ideal for a lengthy weekend getaway, while others are only suitable for a day trip.


Best Places to Go Dirt Biking in Queensland


Cape York Motorcycle Adventures

Cape York Motorcycle Adventures is a family-owned business that operates fully guided tours in Australia’s Far Northern region. It is located between Cape York and Cairns. Expect to experience almost all types of Australian landscape, except for snow.


Kuranda and Mobray National Park

Kuranda and the Mobray National Parks allow dirt bikes to be ridden in their areas. However, trail bikes are not allowed in the parks, as this area is mainly used by hikers and horseback riders.


Herberton Range National Park

The Herberton Range is a great place to ride dirt bikes. There are plenty of places to go riding in this area, but make sure to keep an eye out for horses and unregistered riders.


Cathu State Forest

Cathu state forest is about an hour north of Mackay. There are numerous dirt bike trails in this area. It even has fire trails, flat areas and even campsites for you to enjoy a weekend escapade together with your family and friends.


Mia Mia State Forest

The Mia Mia State Forest is largely composed of eucalyptus with a wide array of wildlife. This is an open area but you are strictly expected to stay within defined vehicle permitted tracks and walking trails.


Gum Valley Veterans Natural Terrain MX Track

Mackay is well-known for its natural terrain, but there is also a unique dirt bike club located south of town that features a more challenging course. The club also hosts various social events and group rides.


Glasshouse Mountains

The Glasshouse Mountains are ideal for dirt bike riders. There are plenty of challenging sections and great shade for those hot days. This makes it a popular site for many, especially during the weekends.


Mapleton National Park

Located west of Nambour, this park features a mix of open forest runs and technical terrains. So, if you’re looking for something a bit different, this is the place for you.


Glen Echo Dirt Bike and Moto Park

These tracks are built using natural features such as creek banks and timbered areas. The terrain varies from steep mountains with timbered slopes to open & timbered areas.


D’Aguilar National Park

There are some wonderful riding trails for dirt bikes coming from Brisbane inside D’Aguilar National Park. The course is more technical and tighter in the Mount Mee area, although the majority of it is pretty easy. Horseback riders, hikers, mountain bikers, and 4×4 drivers all use these trails.


Queensland Moto Park

This is a very busy place as it is often booked. So, it is best to reserve a schedule in advance.

It is popular among Brisbane residents, but also for Gold coast residents because it’s just a few hours away. It even allows you to ride unregistered dirt bikes and quad bikes for those who want to try and experience this thrilling adventure.


Local Toowoomba Parks

Around the Darling Downs there are a number of great tracks like Manar Park at Proston, Toowoomba Motorcycle Club with trails down at Murphys Creek which also has camping facilities and Gap Creek near Warwick which also has good camping facilities.

Do you have other dirt bike trails not listed above? Share it with us.