Crossfire 250GT




The Crossfire 250 GT is a tough utility that is not bulky on size. At 125cm wide it will fit into the tight spaces and negotiate the narrow 50” trails. And most importantly it is not intimidating.

All this and still seating two adults in comfort with power to take you and the tray full anywhere on your property. The full size tray tilts so it’s easy to dump the load and reload.

An amazing alternative to ATVs with sizing not much larger but huge advantages in versatility and safety.

The Crossfire 250 GT is Fuel injected so hot or cold, high or low winter or summer it will start with ease. The EFI means also the 250GT is extremely savvy with fuel with most riders needing to fill up no more than once per week if used daily. If fully loaded and extra grunt is needed, the dual range transfer case with Low and High will come into its own.

Being a good handling light weight machine does not mean you will lose features! Crossfire 250GT is loaded with standard features that will shame many larger machines.

1. Winch is standard
2. Roof is Standard
3. Windscreen (2 pcs foldable) is standard
4. Aluminum wheels standard
5. Mirrors standard
6. Lighting (Halogen headlights, LED all other lights)
7. Dual Range Transfer case High/Low range



250GT Standard Features:


250cc EFI Engine




Aluminium Wheels

Full Auto Dual Range

Tipper Tray

Tow Bar



Engine 4-Stroke – OHV / 1-Cylinder
Displacement 229cc
Bore / Stroke 65.5 x 68
Compression Ratio 9.7 : 1
Fuel System Delphi EFI
Final Drive Chain Drive
Cooling Liquid
Drive System 2WD – L H N R
Starter Electric Starter
Transmission Automatic CVT
Suspension / Brakes / Tyres
Suspension Front Independent dual A-arm
Suspension Rear Swing Arm
Brakes Front Dual Ventilated Hydraulic Disc
Brakes Rear Single Ventilated Hydraulic Disc
Tyres Front AT22 x 7-10 Radial Tyres
Tyres Rear AT22 x 10-10 Radial Tyres
Wheelbase 173cm
Ground Clearance 21cm
Towing Capacity 240Kg
Overall Size 2380 mm x 1230 mm x 1680 mm
Cargo Bed Capacity 120Kg
Tank Capacity 16L
Vehicle Weight 329Kg
                                                                     Additional Features
Instrumentation – Digital Dual Display
                                         Accessories (Standard in Australia)
2500 lb Winch
Aluminium Rims
Turn Signals


Available in Blue or Red



Crossfire 400GT



The Crossfire 400 GT is a gutsy little workhorse. With a no fuss approach to work and 4wd ability the 400GT is a go anywhere UTV.

It’s a machine light enough to handle yet with the rugged soul to the toughest of tasks.
Being a midsized machine, it will be good in most paddocks without tearing up the soil.

The Crossfire 400GT is a fantastically versatile machine for a wide range of professions including farming, landscaping, green keeping and more. It’s also a real treat to service with easy access to all serviceable items. Additionally, the machine comfortably seats two with room for mans best friend in between.

Shown with Optional extras. Aluminium wheels and Winch are optional accessories.

• 4WD switchable to 2WD
• EFI Electronic Fuel injected
• Independent rear suspension for a stable and comfortable ride
• Digital dash with speedometer, tachometer and odometer
• Large 30L fuel tank for longer drive times
• Foot brake with ventilated front disc brakes
• Headlights and taillights for increased safety
• Bench seat with dual seat belts for increased safety
• Roof and windscreen for increased driver comfort
• Manual tilt tray for easy load removal
• Shaft drive for durability
• Maximum speed of 60km/h
• Roll Cage


400GT Included Features:



EFI Electronic Fuel injected

Heavy-duty Tilt Tray


Hitch bar and Tow ball

Tipper Tray


Engine Type: Fuel Injected – OHV / 1-Cylinder
Displacement 393cc
Bore x Stroke 84.5mm x 70mm
Compression Ratio 9.3:1
Cooling Liquid
Starting System Electronic
Transmission Automatic Single Range CVT F-N-R
Drive 4WD Switchable to 2WD
Final Drive Shaft Drive
                                                             Suspension / Brakes / Tyres
Suspension Front Independent dual A-arm with Anti-sway system
Suspension Rear Independent dual A-arm with Anti-sway system
Brakes Font Dual Ventilated Hydraulic Disc
Brakes Rear Dual Ventilated Hydraulic Disc
Tyres / Wheels Front Steel Rims AT25 x 8 –12 Radial
Tyres / Wheels Rear Steel Rims AT25 x 10 –12 Radial
Product Dimensions 2670mm x 1340mm x 1870mm
Tray Size Internal Dimensions Length 1190mm x Width 850mm x Height 300mm
Ground Clearance  300mm
Wheelbase  1850mm
Seat Height  857mm
Dry Weight  552kg
Fuel Capacity 30L
Maximum Speed 60km/h
Warranty  1 Year Warranty
                                   Optional Extras
Aluminium wheels
Winch 3500lb (1.75ton)


 Available in Camo, Black and White 


Crossfire 500GT



The 500GT is a mid size machine  that is nimble and spacious.  If you are accustom to driving large ATVs this is simply a more comfortable and practical package.

The 500GT is a workhorse but can double as a weekend away toy for hunting. With plenty of cargo space and a manual tipper tray standard, you don’t have to tow a trailer any more. The tray is practical and hardwearing polycarbonate which will see it hold up in the Australian sun.

The 500GT features moulded and lined  bench seat configuration which does not waist space between driver and passenger. The bench seat also provides flexibility in getting in and getting out from both sides and is easy to hose down at the end of a working day.

The 500GT’s motor is water cooled and fuel injected. So no matter hot or cold up in the high country or down in the plains. The motor will be eager to start even on the cold morning and hot afternoons.

The aluminium wheels are standard for the 2015 model as is the roof and the tow hitch.

The ride is first class. This is thanks to the all independent suspension with gas Nitrogen filled shock absorbers. Unlike a lot of machines that offer independent front and live axle rear, the Crossfire 500GT is Independent all round (Front and Rear). This makes more of a comfortable and sure footed ride.

The sure footed nature is thanks to the ability to select 2WD or 4WD and if needed High and Low range. If it’s wet or the surface is loose, flick the 4WD switch and drive around knowing all wheels are working to give you traction and stability.


500GT Included Features:



Tow Ball

EFI Fuel Injection

Aluminium Wheels

Dual Range

6Ply 26″ Carslile Tyres

Bench Seating Versatility


Engine EFI 4-Stroke – OHV / 1-Cylinder
Displacement 454cc
Bore x Stroke 83mm x 84mm
Compression Ratio 9.7:1
Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection
Cooling Liquid
Starting System Electronic
Transmission Automatic CVT
Drive On Demand 2WD / 4WD with Differential lock – L H N R
Final Drive Shaft Drive
                                                                    Suspension / Brakes / Tyres
Suspension Front and Rear Independent dual A-arm / Piggy Back Reservoir / Nitrogen Filled / 15mm Hard Chrome Shaft / Adjustable Compression and Rebound Dampening
Brakes Font Dual Ventilated Hydraulic Disc
Brakes Rear Dual Ventilated Hydraulic Disc
Tyres Front AT26 x 9 –12 Radial
Tyres Rear AT26 x 10 –12 Radial
Product Dimensions 279cm x 157cm x 185cm
Ground Clearance 25cm
Wheelbase 184cm
Cargo Bed Capacity 159kg
Vehicle Weight 590kg
Towing Capacity 544kg
Fuel Capacity 30ltr
Warranty 1 Year Factory
                                                                Optional Features
                                                               Electric Winch


Available in Blue, Camo, Red and White




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