*All Prices Include the BRAAAP Lifetime Warranty

MX-50F $1,549

For 2016 braaap have gone all out with development of their kids range.
Starting from the ground up revamping the frame, suspension package and safety systems including; hydraulic disc brakes, restrictable throttle and training wheels. (Training wheels sold separately)
We have revised the steering, electric start and the geometry of the bike making 2016 braaap MX-50F the best decision for any parent looking to get their kids into motorbike riding.

MX-110F $2,249

Bringing a new engine to 2015 with electric start the MX-110F just become the most obvious choice on the market for the growing kids or aspiring ‘big’ kid.

2015 has also bought a revised suspension setup, 12” front wheel for stability and all new full perimeter frame modeled off its big brother the MX-1 you can expect precise and forgiving handling. The MX-110F is all about fun being the obvious choice for kids growing from the 50cc you can lower the height of the bike to suit the rider and suspension options give you settings for hard or soft suspension depending on the riders weight and riding ability.

MXA-125F $1,499

The 2016 braaap MXA-125cc.

Don’t be mistaken by the MXA-125's low price point, the MXA-125 is ready to ride with all the geometry of its big brothers, it’s up for the punishment.
With braaap’s Lifetime Warranty program there are no worries about quality either, whether you’re up for the weekend ride or a bike to get the family involved the MXA is up for the challenge.

MX-125F $2,649

With a larger seat height, fully operational clutch and mid bars the MX-125F is the ultimate first clutch bike, revised suspension for 2015 bring fully adjustable compression and rebound including parts from it’s big brother, the MX1.

It comes equipped with alloy wheels and hubs, new frame geometry and electric start. This bike has the perfect level of bling, stability and control.

The MX-125F is great for the first time rider with its intermediate seat height and smooth power curve with enough power to excite the seasoned rider.

MX3 $3,249

If you wanted to know what makes braaap different, go no further than the MX3, built on the back of a rich heritage in the past 10 years including 2 world titles the MX3 has what it takes to move you.

For 2016 we have revised the triple clamps, bars, frame, suspension package and swing arm to bring you the best bike we have ever made. This year also marks the move to the higher revving 155cc engine and revised clutch setup to make sure the MX3 is the smoothest bike yet.

The MX3 marks a new era in the world of Superlite riding with its unique design, great handling and quality components.

MX17 $3,549

If it’s extreme off-road you’re looking for then the MX17 has it covered, powered by a 160cc engine and equipped with a 17” front wheel and 14” rear wheel it’s designed to go places other can’t.

This year marks the MX17 as a new line for braaap, which has shown to have significant demand in the past with customers opting for this “Big Wheel” configuration through our spares line.

Now you can buy it straight off the show room floor, with all the world-class componentry of the MX3, the MX17 will have you covered in all conditions and terrains.

MX2 $3,549

The MX2 is special edition model featuring different Factory race teams, includes the current Factory teams sticker kit, coloured anodized components and the 160cc race motor.

The first limited model will be feature green components, silver rims and spokes and a Pro Circuit Monster Factory sticker kit.

The MX2 marks a new era in the world of Superlite riding with its unique design, great handling and quality components.

MX1 $4,749

The 2016 braaap MX1.

Stated as the benchmark for all Superlite bikes, the MX1 is the king of the track. Sporting a high revving 190cc Japanese engine, BSP front adjustable suspension and BSP rear high/low adjustable suspension, 7116 alloy wheels and rims, on the fly engine map and clutch adjustment, alloy swing arm, full perimeter frame and top class geometry, the MX1 marks a new era in Superlite riding. Built from the ground up on 10 years of experience with 2 world titles under its belt, this bike isn’t for the faint hearted.



Street Superlite 125 $3,249 + on road costs

The braaap 125cc Street Superlite

The Street Superlite is an exciting addition to the Australian designed braaap range.
With a mission to take everything braaap represents and bring it to your daily commute.

The street legal braaap SS 125cc is a superlite street legal motorcycle suited for the daily commuter or weekend riding with a power to weight ratio make every ride awesome.
The 125cc Street Superlite is eligible for half price registration in some states, contact your local dealer for more details.

Café Racer 250 $4,249 + on road costs

As part of our mission to be a world-class niche motorcycle manufacture, the cafe racer represents a great opportunity for us to stamp our mark on a fast growing trend.

We are mega pumped and proud to introduce to you our new Cafe Racer. This stylish, simple yet affordable bike comes to you direct from braaap and Sol Invictus.


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